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Panalpina & Leder und Schuh

A shoe that fits everyone: AX4 – the SCM solution for global delivery chain management

As an internationally expanding company LEDER & SCHUH AG is in need of an SCM solution which simplifies communication and links all service partners in a network with the company. Special challenge: the networking within the procurement chain with 500 suppliers, ten logistics partners, 300 outlets and eight distribution centers in Euro­pe through one single platform. The goal: to create a network which allows for the exchange of order data with suppliers, which makes shipment and tracking data available, which proactively informs about discrepancies from the regular shipment progress and which at the same time enables a company´s growth without causing additional logistics cost. The decision is made for the logistics IT platform AX4.Together with Panalpina Welttransport Leder und Schuh knots a global delivery chain via AX4. A network which allows for the integration and networking of all partners on an international level and which optimi­zes the order and transport processes is created through the cloud-based solution. Due to the „Control Tower Function“ discrepancies in the delivery chain can be recognized and eliminated immediately.  

„The logistics IT platform was groundbreaking for us since we were able to create standardized communications. As a conclusion we can say: all goals reached.“

Maximilian Kummerer, Director Supply Chain, Leder & Schuh AG

The logistics IT platform AX4 delivers a degree of transpa-rency hitherto unknown: LEDER & SCHUH is now able to moni­tor the flow of goods in real time and to know where the goods are currently located.
On top of that there has been an increase in quality in delivery performance and in the proces­ses.

AX4 in use at Leder und Schuh:

The Result

  • More than 1,800 users in the LEDER & SCHUH network work with the AX4 solution.
  • More than 240,000 events, including informational emails on progress and war­ning emails on discrepancies made for simplified communications.
  • As a result today the shoe retailer can make faster deliveries to their outlets, break down cost down to pro­duct level and handle their transports from Asia in a more cost-efficient way.
  • As a conclusion the delivery chain was quickly accepted by all those involved in the pro­ject: with the suppliers, with the service providers and within LEDER & SCHUH AG´s own of­fices.

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