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Cloud Solutions for the Supply Chain Management

The logistics industry with its cross-company processes is predestinated for the use of cloud solutions. Its digitalization leads to a significant efficiency increase in logistics. By the use of cloud technology large up-front investments can be avoided, that’s why companies of any size can benefit without long start-up phase.

  • Logistics processes are sustainably mapped in a digital form and in this way they run faster and are more reliable.

  • A cloud-based platform such as AX4 offers access to relevant information for all process participants; it creates transparency and thus reduces the complexity in supply chain management.

  • The straightforward integration of the involved partners across company boundaries and beyond language and system barriers is a key for success in supply chain management. It is the necessary basis for a smooth cooperation along the supply chain.

The guideline integration describes how many different participants and their systems can be integrated with the supply chain by means of cloud technology.

Why is the cloud suitable especially for the management of supply chains or supply networks?


Requirements of the Supply Chain Management (Execution)



Cloud Solutions

Cross-company workflows Access via internet – available from everywhere
Many different participants Flexible and location-independent access
Integration of different IT systems (ERP, forwarding programs, etc.) Easy and flexible integration of different systems
Creation of IT based workflows, where no IT support is otherwise available Mapping of IT workflows via web interface and easy access to these
Easy access to / retrieval of information via mobile devices Via internet the IT solution is accessible at any time and on any devices

Cloud technology connects supply chain participants across companies and thus has become an important success factor in the realization of collaboration.

Collaboration is seen as a key to reduce complexity in logistics:

  • - Different companies and participants are now working together in a common process.
  • - With modern cloud-based IT solutions logistics processes in supply chain networks are automated and run across companies.

The strategy paper Collaboration along the Supply Chain examines the subject form the different perspectives of shippers, logistics providers and IT. It describes opportunities and risks and increases awareness for success factors which enable sustainable and cloud-based realization of collaboration.


What are the cost advantages of a cloud solution in comparison to an on-premise solution?




Cloud Solution


On Premise Solution

Price model

Variable, usage-based pricing Licenses

Updates/upgrades handling

Normally more software updates (Releases) in comparison to on-premise solutions (AX4 has 12 Releases p.a.) Upgrade of a new software version involves physical roll out, which often leads to additional internal costs

Costs for updates/upgrades

Included in the price Often entails additional costs

System version

Consistent software status, due to the fact that always and everywhere the very same solution version is running Based on roll out different system versions are available, which can lead to compatibility issues and significant coordination efforts.

Examples for Cloud Solutions from the Automotive Industry

Especially with regard to the processes in automotive procurement cloud solutions and collaboration play an increasingly important role. The task is to manage a network out of a very large number of participants: a lot of different and globally dispersed suppliers, a number of forwarders and carriers. Our whitepaper Collaboration along the supply chain in the automotive industry describes what particular advantages a cloud-based IT platform brings in this environment.

Examples for Cloud Solutions from the Chemical Industry

Even in the chemical industry for which logistics is an important element in the growth process, highly effective solution can be realized by means of cloud computing. In the expert paper Digitalization of Supply Chains in Chemical Logistics you will read how to make the step into the digitalized world of chemical logistics and how cloud computing assists in the creation of more transparency, efficiency and reliability along the supply chain.

Cloud Computing and Security

Mobile access, full scalability and flexible adaption: With a cloud-based logistics platform like AX4 your supply chain management not only becomes easier but also clearly more secure and more economical. Further information about this topic can be found in our information leaflet “Security and Data Protection” which you can directly download below.


Security and Data Protection