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Are your processes already well digitalized?

The Supply Chain in the Digital Maturity CheckDigitalization in logistics

Logistics in times of digitalization: This means facing new challenges but also seizing new opportunities. But how well are companies already prepared for the digital age? How big is the potential that can be developed by digitalizing the supply chain for an individual company? We would like to give answers to this, for as the operator of the logistics platform AX4 we not only see ourselves as an operator of IT-supported logistical processes but we also want to support our customers with services to make them fit for the digital supply chain.   


In order to determine how digital your supply chain already is and where there is further potential we have developed a “Digital Maturity Check”. The first step is a detailed and guided interview which, among other things, deals with your company’s technical and procedural integration capacity and innovation capability. Under consideration of your logistics network and respective benchmarks we then create a SWOT analysis which will give information on possible action steps to be taken and promising adjustments.

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You can get a first assessment on the digital maturity degree of your supply chain by answering a few questions in our Quick-Check – 5 minutes well invested.


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