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Analytics - Analyzing and Visualizing Your Data

Build the foundation for optimized performance: with the Analytics Portfolio from AXIT

Data provides the foundation for everything we do. Especially when the data is reliable, informative, and available precisely when you need it to make the right decisions. The digital transformation offers an unprecedented volume of data with tremendous value-adding potential. But unlocking this potential takes a wide range of analytical tools. Your existing data may yield insights that lead to better decisions – decisions that then make it possible to optimize your processes.

Enter the Analytics Portfolio from AXIT, which gives you a detailed analysis of the data and processes controlled by AX4:

  • The AX4 Cockpit offers a personalized, real-time overview of relevant information and indicators, giving you greater certainty in the operational management of your logistical processes.
  • With Analytics by Tableau, you benefit from the outstanding functionality of the market leader in data visualization. Tableau’s intuitive, user-friendly interface lets you mine the complete, validated data available in your AX4 solution and apply various criteria to run simple, customizable analyses. You can also generate statistics and visualize the results in various formats. Tableau even lets you augment the data with other external sources as needed to create even more informative dashboards.

Your advantages:

  • Personalize how you visualize critical information in AX4.
  • Support key decisions with analyses and dashboards generated from complete, validated data.