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How IT can help ensure successful project logistics

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The bigger the project, the greater the logistical demands. The on-time management of transports is just one of many components that contribute to a successful project. But constructing plants, installing industrial systems, and managing major construction sites involves a different level of complexity altogether. This world typically has a large cast of characters that must be integrated into the supply chain. It means coordinating the flow of supplies among various companies and across multiple sites. It requires being able to obtain the detailed project status at any time.

How is it possible to integrate hundreds of suppliers and carriers into the supply chain independently of any one system environment? How can supply processes be managed with precision? And how can you keep tabs on all project-related processes from start to finish – transcending the boundaries of different countries, languages, and system environments?

In this expert paper, AXIT focuses on the key requirements for managing major industrial projects and outlines solutions that rely on cloud-based IT systems for project logistics.