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“Digital Revolution Makes Logistics a Key Economic Factor”

Industry sees tremendous opportunities in platform solutions

AXIT PraxisForum 2018 350The digital revolution is an opportunity for Germany’s third-largest industry to take center stage and become the engine of economic innovation. That’s the conviction of the leading industry players and top consultants who gathered at this year’s PraxisForum Logistik – hosted by AXIT, a Siemens Company.

“The digital revolution makes logistics a key economic factor,” declared Dr. Klaus van Marwyk, a partner at the management consulting firm of Roland Berger, speaking at the event hosted by cloud specialist AXIT in Frankenthal. The logistics industry will gradually move from the sidelines and toward the center of strategic planning processes, predicted Marwyk to his audience of 120 business professionals. The reasons, he explained, can be found in the rapid increases in speed, manageability, and cost-efficiency made possible by the digital transformation of logistics processes.

The presentations of best practices painted a clear picture of how businesses can benefit from the advantages of digital processes in logistics. Bayer, for example, used the AX4 platform solution to establish a transport network that is bringing total visibility to the company’s global supply chains – from both an operational and financial perspective. “Before, we had a diverse system environment with numerous standalone solutions. Now, we’re on a solid path toward achieving an end-to-end view of our network through a single interface,” explained Bernd Stephan, Head of Transport Solutions at Bayer Business Services.“

Dr. Eric Pfaffmann, Head of Customer Service Logistics and Head of IT Project Sales at DB Cargo, emphasized how easy and yet secure it is to integrate customers, suppliers, and partners in the cloud. DB Cargo uses the “myRailportal” platform solution, which is based on AX4, to manage its rail cargo logistics – from orders of empty railcars to transports to deliveries. In future, the automation in each single process step as well as the consistent equipment of the DB Cargo fleet with sensors will offer a new dimension of customer service.

“Smart software makes a smart supply chain”

“Smart software makes a smart supply chain,” emphasized Uwe Schumacher (Vice President of Business Development) and René Matera (Vice President of Digital Business Services) of AXIT. Before you can consolidate, augment, and better analyze data, they explained, you“Smart software makes a smart supply chain,” emphasized Uwe Schumacher (Vice President of Business Development) and René Matera (Vice President of Digital Business Services) of AXIT. Before you can consolidate, augment, and better analyze data, they explained, youmust first integrate diverse IT environments into a single solution – a single IT ecosystem. Event attendees had the opportunity to discuss these ideas in two networking sessions with experts from such key players as DHL Resilience360, GateHouse, and INTTRA. 

 Dr. Holger Hackstein, Head of the Innovation Lab at Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL), believes that as logistics moves into its digital future, the challenge lies in the willingness to change: 80 percent of the work of innovation, he says, is not technical in nature. Instead, it’s about getting the workforce on board.

 On May 3rd, AXIT will present the highlights from the 17th PraxisForum Logistik in a live webinar:


Digital Time Slot Management Keeps Trade Show Traffic Flowing

DB Schenker uses AX4 as online tool for trade show logistics

Loehring Schenker 01 350pxSchenker Deutschland AG is introducing a truck management system to untangle the loading and unloading processes at major European trade show hubs. The logistics giant aims to prevent delivery vehicles at convention centers from causing traffic snarls, which frequently spill over into surrounding traffic infrastructures as well. The online time slot management tool relies on the cloud-based logistics platform AX4 from Siemens subsidiary AXIT.

Schenker Deutschland AG – the “official trade show logistics partner” for 17 convention centers in Germany alone – wants to make it easier for organizers, exhibitors, and installers to coordinate their activities during a trade show’s brief setup and break-down phases and manage delivery processes with as little stress and congestion as possible.

“Digital time slot management enables the smooth control of traffic at convention centers,” says David Löhring, Operational Systems Project Manager at Schenker Deutschland AG. “It also allows us to accommodate inbound trucks with the specific services they request as soon as they arrive.”

Exhibitors and setup crews can use the cloud-based IT platform AX4 to reserve delivery time slots in advance. The system assigns them to a specific hall or zone. Those who register with the platform are also assigned an entry gate and a vacant parking space in addition to their time slot. “The system applies the selected search parameters to check for available slots at the site,” Löhring adds. Vehicle size and cargo volumes are also taken into account.

The standardized reservation process captures the name of the driver, the vehicle license plate number, and other relevant information, then generates a barcode and ticket number to ensure a quick check-in when the driver arrives at the location. The platform can also be used to reserve other necessary equipment: forklifts, cranes – even personnel.

 Digital time slot management was first introduced in 2010 for trade shows in Berlin, then expanded in subsequent years to Essen, Wolfsburg, and Utrecht. Now it is poised for a Europe-wide rollout. Setup crews and exhibitors need only an internet connection.


About Schenker Deutschland AG:

Schenker Deutschland AG, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is a leading provider of integrated logistics for the German market. The company has some 15,700 employees at over 100 sites and annual revenues of around €3.7 billion. For more information about DB Schenker, please visit


“Where the kings of data hold court”

AXIT PraxisForum Logistik opens the door to the digital world of top enterprises

AXIT PraxisForum 2018 EN 350

The IT company AXIT has assembled a cast of leading industrial and logistics enterprises to offer a glimpse into their digital data world. Attendees of the 17th PraxisForum Logistik, hosted by Siemens subsidiary AXIT in Frankenthal on April 11, can listen to leaders of the digital transformation explaining how they leverage the potential of digital information flows in their own businesses.

“Our forum this year will be a summit where the kings of data hold court,” says AXIT Head of Marketing Christian Wendt, promising a focus on innovative solutions and specific case studies that look at supply chain management and show how new analytical tools can be used to turn data into gold.

The companies on hand to share their digitalization experiences include Bayer, DB Cargo, and Roland Berger. They will be joined by AXIT, who will present innovative new solutions for digital supply chain management utilizing the AX4 logistics platform. The program will also provide ample opportunity for networking with other industry representatives and AXIT experts.

For information on participation and registration or to see a complete program of the 17th AXIT PraxisForum Logistik, please visit