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Supply Chain Visibility

Digitizing logistics means greater transparency and more reliable planning

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To manage a supply chain, you need visibility, and this requires valid data: Information about the nature and volume of goods to be transported. The point of departure and final destination. Accompanying documents. Delivery dates. Anticipated times of delivery. Communication with customers and participating logistics service providers. Status updates from carriers. Early warnings of impending shipping delays. Delivery confirmations. Performance monitoring. Every second of every minute. Across all borders and time zones. Now.

Supply chain visibility makes this possible by linking all the knowns and unknowns in a supply chain into a single data stream that accompanies the transport. This provides a comprehensive picture of every moment in the transport logistics, from start to finish, ensuring utmost transparency.

The expert paper “Supply Chain Visibility” reports on this fundamental component of successful logistics. How can partners and systems be integrated into the supply chain? How can processes be better designed? How are collaboration and supply chain visibility linked?

With this expert paper, we bring transparency to the supply chain.