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Logistics providers & forwarders

Success Stories from the Logistics Practice

More than 2.000 logistics serevice providers and shippers nowadays use the logistics platform AX4, in order to easily, transprently and continously manage their company-branching processes. With AX4 Open the process expert can design his own AX4 IT solution: fast, easy and flexible - with slim budgets.

  • - Shipment Mangement and Tracking
  • - Management of the procurement processes with suppliers and receivers
  • - Management of global Supply Chains with many participants and different traffic carriers
  • - Individual IT Workflows for process optimization between the participants
  • - Collaboration between the logistics service providers and the forwarders
  • - Reduction of administration costs per shipment (0.50 €) through optimization
  • - Competitive advantages and new reveneue potentials through innovative and fexible IT-Solution


Best Practices