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New strategy paper “Collaboration along the Supply Chain”

Whitepaper CollaborationCollaboration is seen as a key to reducing complexity in logistics. With a current strategy paper AXIT deals with the question of what does collaboration mean in practice for the cooperation between companies.

In logistics it is imperative to adjust to dynamically changing processes which result from the work-sharing world and an atomized variety of products. Against this background companies need strong allies. Strong in being able to manage complex tasks in today’s logistics together. This is the only way to successfully reduce the cost which is invariably linked to complex processes and to make the risks of global supply chains controllable.

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„The close and intensive cooperation of shippers and logistics providers offers many opportunities beyond mere cost saving. Collaboration reduces complexity and increases agility for quicker and more qualified reactions to changes and makes for a more stable delivery chain“, 

says Frauke Heistermann, member of management of AXIT AG and the strategy paper’s author. 

The paper deals with the complexity of collaboration and creates awareness for success factors needed to sustainably realize collaboration. AXIT got the incentive to work out this document together with their customers.