Automotive - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform


  • Integration of suppliers and forwarders over one platform
  • More room for actions: recognize changes before the pick-up  

The solution covers the management of a procurement network with different suppliers and forwarders from the automotive-producer's point of view (e.g. of an OEM or a 1st Tier supplier). It is being used by well known companies from the automotive sector.



Reduction of complexity costs through automation and standardized processes.

Reduction of the error rate through better decisions.

Winning of more scope of action: the OEM knows at least one day prior to pick-up, if his supplier has problems.

Adding of a new supplier of forwarder within a day.

Better key figures - by the push of a button.

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AX4 Module Box

The AX4 module tool kit offers a base for configurating solutions easily for customers. For this, the flexible modules can be combined with each other and assigned to the matching AX4 customer solution.

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