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DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung

Deutsche Bahn runs AX4: new IT timetable for plants throughout Germany

DB Heavy Maintenance supports all Deutsche Bahn maintenance plants in Germany through a single centralized IT solution. The logistics IT platform AX4 is used to manage all the material transports for maintenance of the trains. This strategy not only helps Deutsche Bahn save a lot of money in supplying its plants, it’s also more environmentally friendly: Partial loads that were previously transported separately are now consolidated into fewer shipments using the cloud-based IT platform’s smart logic.


 „AX4 lets us standardize the flow of shipment management data among our maintenance plants and provide transparency.”

Dennis Handt, Manager Warehousing and Logistics, DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung


The Result

  • AX4 brings transparency to the “travel time” of inbound and outbound material shipments.
  • Today the centers know exactly when, for example, which spare parts are due to arrive at their premises.
  • Smart transport consolidation will help the company significantly reduce its carbon footprint in the years to come.


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