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Schmitz Cargobull

Managing orders with AX4:

A solution that works for all suppliers

Schmitz Cargobull AG has 45 sales offices and a presence in nearly every country in Europe. Providing markets what they need, when they need it requires the close collaboration of some 150 suppliers. In the old days, orders were sent off to suppliers manually by fax or snail mail. Schmitz Cargobull introduced the AXIT AX4 logistics platform back in 2002 to streamline the order management process, which had become tedious for everyone involved, and to improve its own supply chain performance. The IT solution brings together all suppliers on a single platform.

„We work with a diverse field of suppliers both large and small, so we need a solution flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of system requirements. AX4 lets us check the on-time performance and shipping statuses of any supplier at any time. This in turn allows us to continuously improve our own supply chain performance.“

Peter Schmitz, Chairman, Schmitz Cargobull AG

Data is exchanged automatically, centralizing the order management process and eliminating inefficient communication channels. Employees are able to check the current status of their orders at any time and generate delivery notes.

The Result

  • The IT solution AX4 links all suppliers through one centralized platform, ensuring that orders are passed along quickly and directly.
  • AX4 compares target data to actual data and notifies all involved parties early on if any changes are made as the order is processed.
  • Employees are able to check the current status of their entries at any time.
  • Introducing barcode-driven goods receiving processes helped significantly accelerate order replenishment times.

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