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dm-drogerie markt

dm drugstore chain uses AX4 to manage European procurement and maintain relations with industry partners

Drugstore giant dm consolidates the shipments to its distribution centers to ensure that personal care products and other common household items are available on store shelves when they’re needed. The Karlsruhe-based company already schedules pickups from some 120 industry partners in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, and the Netherlands. These partners are linked through the AX4 logistics platform, which processes all order-related data as goods are transported from dm partners to dm distribution centers. The transport service providers are also linked and use AX4 to issue proactive alerts of any discrepancies.

„Our goal was to set up a centralized platform that all parties across company boundaries could use to share transport-related information and add their own data."

Petra Mostberger, Manager Supply Chain Management, dm-drogerie markt

The Result

  • The high Troubleshooting is no longer nearly as time-consuming thanks to a highly transparent flow of goods and automated alerts when discrepancies occur
  • Another huge benefit is that the billing processes can draw upon the shipping data, which has been reconciled and thereby validated
  • After its early experience on the German market, dm decided in 2014 to expand the use of AX4 to Austria as well


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