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Showing the way: SCM IT solution delivers end-to-end transparency for rail transports

True to their claim of “One Face to the Customer,” DB Cargo Logistics GmbH has achieved end-to-end transparency for its European rail transports serving the automotive industry. The logistics platform AX4 has made it possible to quickly implement an SCM solution for seamless, end-to-end monitoring of rail transports involving various rail carriers. The platform handles some 95,000 trains, railcars, and containers each year. This involves processing data from 16 different rail carriers and various transfer stations and transport companies.

 „Our customers are not satisfied with perfect transparency for just some links in the chain. They need end-to-end data, regardless of how many partners are involved in the transport.”

Jens Nöldner, Managing Director DB Cargo Logistics

AX4 in use at DB Cargo Logistics
  • AX4 in use at DB Schenker Rail Automotive

    AX4 in use at DB Schenker Rail Automotive


The Result

Today, 16 rail carriers have already been integrated, and the platform handles 95,000 trains, railcars, and containers each year. Over 100 users exchange nearly 40,000 files across AX4 each day. Customers such as Opel, Audi, VW, and Volvo—whose supply chains are highly specialized—are being successfully managed on various routes. The DB Customer Service team in Duisburg has immediate online access to all data, so they can provide customers with prompt information and respond proactively to email alerts indicating potential delays. The web-based platform also gives DB Cargo Logistics an immediate presence at every partner in every country: There is no need for any on-site software installation, since AX4 is instantly accessible to every participant online or through an interface. The added value that the end customer gains through the centralized IT solution: more reliable processes and smooth workflows with lower management and coordination costs.

The AX4 logistics platform is also a key customer retention tool for DB Cargo Logistics.

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