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AX4 Open - Do IT Yourself!

Exactly what IT needs to be today: easy, fast, flexible

No two companies are the same. That's why we have developed the logistic IT solution that considers this: AX4 Open is a tool box that allows its customers to configure their requirements themselves: easy, fast and flexible. 

IT has to become a "Consumer Good", meaning that the user can simply put their solution together by clicking the right parts and by being independent of programmers. An example from the consumer world shows the following: in a hardware store the workers can take whatever tools they need in order to complete their work. The hardware store offers the tools and the worker builds the solution. He doesn't use the worker inbetween that he would have to explain everything to first, control and pay.

Transferring this to AX4 Open, it means the following: AXIT puts the IT tools in AX4 Open. The business department of the customer builds the solution itself with these IT tools. No one has better knowledge of the processes and the solution that will be created.

Holger Schmitt150pxWith AX4 Open we have created a tool box that allows the customer to configure processes. What the customers sees on their screen is what they will get. There is no better way to get approval.“



Your Advantages

  • Project runtimes are reduced drastically.
  • Your external project costs are reduced to 0 €.
  • You can design worldwide and manufacturer-independent solutions.
  • You use the advantages of standard software and at the same time get the flexiblility of a individual adaption.
  • You can visualize and present the solutions over demos.

IT in the Age of Supply Chain Complexity: Important Attributes for Success 

In an interview with Adrian Gonzalez from talking logistics: Artur Zgoda, Director of Supply Chain IT Solutions, Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics LL. 

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