SinnLeffers - AXIT - AX4 die Logistikplattform


Enhanced personnel planning and transparent shipping information – all through a single interface

SinnLeffers buys about 1 million hanging garments each year directly from its suppliers. These suppliers, together with carriers and the SinnLeffers corporate centers, were linked through the IT platform AX4 to bring greater transparency to the transport chain.

„AX4 makes it much easier to plan the transport of our goods—whether we’re picking them up from suppliers, delivering them to distribution centers, or returning them from stores. This allows us to reduce our safety stock and deploy our personnel more efficiently.“

Benjamin Dreier, Teamlead Logistics at SinnLeffers GmbH

The Result

  • The platform manages nearly 10,000 shipments a year. The solution was implemented in less than two months.
  • All transport orders go through AX4 and can be monitored by SinnLeffers from a central control tower.
  • All parties can see the information relevant to them in real time.
  • Individual shipments can be consolidated as appropriate to cut transport costs.
  • The IT solution integrates more than 200 suppliers, carriers, and 22 SinnLeffers stores on one centralized platform.
  • The solution was implemented in less than two months

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AX4 Module Box

The AX4 module tool kit offers a base for configurating solutions easily for customers. For this, the flexible modules can be combined with each other and assigned to the matching AX4 customer solution.

Construction Site Logistics
Logistic Centers

00 AX4 E

01 Shippers e

02 LSP e

09 Baustellenlogistik e

04 Procurement e

06 Automotive 2 e

08 Barcode e

07 Chemical e

10 Logistikzentren e