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Do you need support?

Ask our Service Desk Team!

Quickly and professionally to the goal: Our support team supports you at any time for all questions regarding AX4 with individually compiled support services – in monitoring your AX4 EDI processes and also in managing and enhancing your existing solution.

The Service Desk monitors the current state of the web platform and the communication channels and will inform on system anomalies and maintenance work in a timely manner via our presence

For your enquiries in German or English you can use our Ticket System. SLA customers are able to view the current processing status of their support request early on.

Quick & competent help for your questions

We offer you multi-level support. Our service level 1 team gives you direct and quick assistance. In case more in-depth technical expert knowledge or comprehensive research is required to solve your problem your request will internally escalated to our service level 2.

Customer Satisfaction is plannable:

Good Reasons for a Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements (SLA) make the services of service providers measurable. As opposed to a gut feeling they set objective and measurable criteria for  good service. Thomas Köhler, Head of Professional Services with AXIT, about an agreement which brings stability into processes and leads to high customer satisfaction.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between the provider of a service and his customer. It specifies – as exactly as possible – how, when and in which quality services are to be rendered. The measurability and controllability of the agreements made play a decisive role here, same as the consequences of non-compliance with the agreed service levels. 

While in larger companies the rule is “no IT solution without SLA”, especially medium-sized businesses find it difficult to conclude a service agreement. 

How can an SLA contribute to successful business processes? What are the characteristics of a good SLA? And – why do we need an SLA at all?


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