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 No one integrates faster and more flexibleNo one integrates faster and more flexible.

AX4 connects all participants, the necessary traffic carriers and the different data levels (e.g. orders, delivery note, shipments, loading list) over a central platform. Here AXIT offers flexible and modern integration possibilities: Interfaces, web services, web-accounts, eMail as well as the integration of mobile end-devices like smartphones or scanner.

Your Advantages

  • Automation
  • Complete data flow
  • Improved data quality
  • Company branching transparency
  • Reduction of manual recording effort

Your Potential Savings

  •  Less cost for information procurement
  • Less mistakes because of complete and immediately available data
  • Reduced project time for the integration of participants up to -50% (compared to own, intern implementation)

 Our Practical Examples

  • Integration of a new forwarder over an interface: 1 Day
  • Integration of a new supplier over Web account: 5 Minutes
  • Linking of 40 suppliers for one forwarder: 24 hours





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