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AXIT Guideline “Integration – Key for Success in Supply Chain Management”

Keyvisual Integration

How can many different participants and their systems best be integrated with the transport chain? This question AXIT follows up in the new guideline “Integration – Key for Success in Supply Chain Management”.

Often it costs companies a lot of time, efforts and money to network with other participants and their systems. The different IT systems along a supply chain are not always easily compatible: they speak different languages, have different access requirements, handle different tasks and process only certain data formats.    

Therefore the integration of many different partners such as suppliers or forwarders can turn into a major project with many surprises, ending up using high budgets and blocking important resources in the company.   

Through the logistics platform AX4 AXIT has been dealing with the topic of integration for more than 15 years: AX4 handles a volume of approx. 90 million datasets per year and includes more than 150,000 users. The platform ensures unproblematic cooperation in supply chains by easily and flexibly integrating all parties involved. It creates the prerequisites for successful collaboration between shippers and logistics providers by allowing for processes to be mapped and managed across companies. This way the complexity in the management of supply chains is clearly reduced.

Read in this guideline what modern integration is supposed to perform in order to create the basis for successful, cross-company cooperation in supply chains. Furthermore, practical examples like the one of an industrial company which controls its Europe-wide distribution with 150 forwarders, show approaches for quick and flexible integration or participants.