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Manage your transports more efficiently: a how-to guide for controlling large shipping volumes at bustling distribution hubs

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Transports need to keep moving. But all too often, they end up stuck in traffic. That’s when time slots close, delivery deadlines are missed – and customers lose patience. Logistics hubs are flashpoints for this type of negative chain reaction: The concentration of events to be managed at such hot spots means that every traffic jam and every delay quickly produces a domino effect. The same can be true at industrial sites, convention centers, ocean ports, and airports.

There is only one solution to this problem: All the goods movements in and around a logistics hub must be coordinated to ensure that transports do not get in each other’s way. This can only succeed with proactive planning. And this in turn requires a coordinated process offering real-time visibility about who is picking up or dropping off what – and also when, where, and how.

It sounds simple, and it’s even possible with the right IT solution. But how exactly is information on the movements of physical goods exchanged through a centralized digital hub? What is it like when those involved in a particular process meet on a cloud-based platform? When the processes of checking into and out of a logistics hub are automated?

Our expert paper answers all these questions in detail, describing where the growing challenges for logistics hubs lie and how they can be overcome with the help of state-of-the-art IT solutions.