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Welcome to AXIT – A Siemens Company

Developed for perfect logistics – positioned for long-term success

As a proud member of the Siemens family, AXIT embraces its parent company’s global strategic focus on electrification, automation, and digitalization.

The digitalization initiatives of Siemens follow three main goals: greater efficiency, enhanced flexibility, and higher quality.

AXIT plays an important role in the global digitalization strategy of Siemens with state-of-the-art IT solutions for the digital supply chain.

AX4 – the digital supply chain

The digital transformation not only drives the success of our company, it also gives our customers critical leverage to boost productivity throughout their business operations. One example is in logistics – the engine of economic vitality, the road to success in business, the heart of every company – where we drive the digital supply chain with our logistics platform AX4. This cloud-based solution reduces complexity, streamlines processes, and offers cross-enterprise, cross-border integration of all key players. AX4 is our contribution to digitalization at Siemens – to the fusion of the physical and virtual worlds along our customers’ value chains.

Who we are

AXIT specializes in cloud-based IT solutions for managing cross-enterprise logistics processes. By developing and operating the industry-leading logistics platform AX4, we have created the framework for doing what needs to be done in the complex world of logistics: making connections, managing processes, and thriving in the marketplace.

More than 200,000 users in manufacturing, retail, and logistics services now manage their supply chain through AX4 – with all the options they need to make global supply chain management a success.

Cloud computing is fundamental to the performance of AXIT’s IT solutions. Logistics, with its cross-enterprise processes, was predestined for the cloud: Remote servers make it possible for users around the world to access all the information they need anytime and share it with others, even across diverse system environments.

In a nutshell: Logistics runs with AXIT. Easy, fast, flexible – and digital.

AXIT is part of Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH (SPPAL), a leading provider of innovative products and solutions for automated letter and package handling and for baggage and cargo handling in airport logistics.

Our promise:

Transparency through integration

Integrating all links of the supply chain helps automate processes, provide strong real-time data availability, and improve the quality of information. All supply chain players benefit from streamlined planning, better decisions, and lower transport costs.

Standardized processes

Standardized, end-to-end processes lead to greater simplicity, since everyone is on the same page. The ready availability of data empowers everyone to make better decisions. The result is a faster supply chain with minimum risk, maximum reliability, and zero redundancies or inefficiencies.

Agility and flexibility

AX4 delivers the agility you need to manage your logistics in a volatile and dynamic world, with the speed and flexibility to respond to changing conditions. This positions your company and your partners to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace, while streamlined workflows and state-of-the-art processes protect the value of your investment.

Collaboration along the supply chain

AX4 is a platform that facilitates cross-enterprise collaboration with all partners along the supply chain. This enhances profitability and innovation while streamlining processes for superior supply chain performance.