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Collaboration entlang der Supply Chain 
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  • 14th July 2016

    Supply Chain Management and Logistics Conference

    Adelphi House, Salford, GB

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Collaboration along the supply chain in the automotive industry

The AXIT Whitepaper:

Whitepaper Automotive Collaboration EN angle 250

In this whitepaper you will read what collaboration means for the automotive industry and what concrete advantages it brings for the participants. 


Collaboration in Practice

a specialist article of our customer DB Schenker Rail:

CollPraxis02 cover EN

The supply chain is a collective. In IT for collaboration it is essential to turn people who think and act differently and who live in their own system environment into partners.


Collaboration in Practice

a specialist article of our customer Leder und Schuh:

CollPraxis cover EN

Collaboration is seen as a key to reducing complexity. In order to make tangible how successful collaboration works, we have asked our customer Leder und Schuh to describe their AX4 solution with regard to collaboration aspects. 


Best Practices

New AXIT Whitepaper

Collaboration along the Supply Chain in the Automotive Industry

Integration of participants – Cross-company workflows – Benefit of collaboration

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"Cloud-based IT platforms allow for flowing cooperation between many participants in a network. Bilateral business relations are replaced by collaboration.”

Frauke Heistermann, member of the management board, AXIT GmbH


In the automotive industry the use of cloud-based IT platforms leads to significant improvements of results of cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers.

This Digitalization along the supply chain allows for smooth interacting collaboration of the participants.

Cooperation partners are provided important information at the earliest possible stage. This way they gain more room for maneuver, make better decisions and plan more precisely. Stock and transport cost can be significantly reduced and production processes can be accelerated.

The current AXIT whitepaper “Collaboration along the supply chain in the automotive industry” explains practically and based on the example of the logistics platform AX4 how
IT enables collaboration in the automotive industry.

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 Whitepaper Automotive Collaboration EN angle 250



"A cloud-solution, where companies
collaborate within a community,
is a key factor to reduce
complexity in logistics."

Prof. Dr.  Dr. h.c. Werner Delfmann, University of Cologne


Customers who use AX4 ...


01 dbschenker dbschenker 155 1574    02 Dhl Dhl 169 1575    03 Panalpina Panalpina 154 1576    04 Rhenus Rhenus 170 1584    05 Cargoline Cargoline 156 1578    06 Transoflex Transoflex 171 1579

07 Go Go 157 1580    08 Fiege Fiege 172 1581    10 4pl 4pl 164 1583    11 Pierburg Pierburg 173 1585    12 Deutz Deutz 161 1586    13 Schmitzcargobull Schmitzcargobull 162 1587

14 Ford Ford 160 1588 15 Bmw Bmw 174 1589 16 Leoni Leoni 159 1590 17 Basf Basf 175 1591 18 Dystar Dystar 176 1592 19 Hcstarck Hcstarck 163 1593

20 Sunchemical Sunchemical 165 1594    21 Lanxess Lanxess 177 1595    22 Wmf Wmf 166 1596    24 Bat Bat 178 1598    25 Oce Oce 179 1599    26 Lederundschuh Lederundschuh 168 1600

27 Sinnleffers Sinnleffers 180 1601    28 Audi Audi 993 1752    30 Leschaco Leschaco 996 1754    31 Woehrl Woehrl 994 1755    32 Dm Dm 1006 1767    33 Dsv Dsv 1007 1766

34 Sasol Sasol 1008 1765    35 Afg Afg 1005 1764    Almatis 180x50     Mubea 180x50     Streck 180x50     Kuraray 180x50


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